Lime wall finish, smooth

Fine lime plaster for the interior, applicable in manifold ways, with improved adhesion capability.

Lime wall finish, fine and medium

Multi-purpose, adhesion-enhanced lime finish plaster for interior use. Grain: 0.9 mm and 1.4 mm.


Tadelakt is a shiny mineral plaster for water-resistant surfaces in the traditional Moroccan style. Its surface is burnished with a smooth polished stone. The result is an expressive, shiny surface with a warm, velvety feel.

Stucco fine

Stucco Fine is a very easy-to-use lime plaster for exclusive, very fine stucco works on smooth surfaces in the interior. Already two wafer-thin layers produce a lazuring, deep transparency.

Brush- and roll- on plaster

Easy-to-apply, texturable paint with a fine rendering character for interior use. Ideal base for wall glaze. Compensates for slight structural differences in the subsoil.