Classic window sealant for wooden windows.

Linseed oil putty is a classic window sealant according to DIN 18545 – A and RAL 849 B / 2 for glazing wooden windows. The package contains a ready-to-use mass that is easy to work with, without synthetic resins and solvents and does not contain preservatives or fungicides. It includes chalk and linseed oil varnish and has a beige tone. Before use, the linseed oil putty must be carefully kneaded and tightly pressed into the grooves, smoothed until it is even and smooth. After the surface has dried, the linseed oil putty must be painted over with an elastic natural oil-based paint to protect it from the effects of the weather.

Window grooves must be clean, dry, and dust-free, and untreated wood should be primed with primer oil before applying putty.

The material is in 1kg packages; the average consumption is 100-150g/1m of putty.