Linseed oil varnish

Provides primary surface protection for all woods in indoor conditions. To achieve wear resistance, it is necessary to wax over the linseed oil varnish. By diluting 1:1 with balsamic turpentine, you get a suitable mixture for priming. Also, linseed oil varnish can be used to make oil paints, mixed with chalk, linseed oil putty can be used to putty windows. The linseed oil varnish has a good absorption capacity, the surface remains diffuse, dirt and water-repellent, gives light wood a honey colour tone. The linseed oil varnish is not intended as a surface protective layer for the wood but must penetrate into the wood and fill the pores.

Provides primary surface protection for wooden surfaces in indoor conditions, for processing natural stone and cork.

Depending on the absorbency of the surface, the material consumption per layer is approx. 0.050-0.100 liters/m2.2.

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