Lime wall finish, fine and medium

Marble-lime plaster is a mineral dry mixture with good adhesion for making both smooth and structural surfaces indoors. The texture is achieved due to marble grains, and the mixture is available in two different grain sizes (1.4mm and 0.9mm). The mixture can be used to fill minor irregularities in the base surface and can be made structural using different techniques. Marble-lime plaster has a natural white color that we tint with Kreidezeit powder pigments and we make personal color samples. You can get samples from the showroom or by post to any location. A very good base for further work with glaze and can also be painted with lime paint.

Suitable for all strong and slightly absorbent substrates, mineral plasters, pre-plastered and/or primed plasterboard and concrete.

We sell the material according to the square meters and take into account the absorbency of the substrate. The average material consumption in one layer is 1 kg/m2.

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