Oil and wax

Multi-purpose wax

Furniture wax is a mixture of linseed oil and beeswax for the interior finishing of untreated or primed wooden surfaces with natural oils. Suitable for furniture, doors, wood panelling and ceiling beams. The surface remains open to the movement of water vapour, antistatic, water repellent and easy to maintain.

Punic Wax

Punic wax is a beeswax-based glossy wax coating intended for tadelakt and stucco fine putty surfaces. Beeswax is melted, cleaned and finally bleached in special activated carbon and chalk soil. It is then made water soluble and easy to work with.

Carnauba Wax Emulsion

On the floor, carnauba wax is used to strengthen oiled surfaces, but it is also used in the preparation of glazes and for the maintenance of wooden floors.

Base oil

Base oil does not contain resin and is suitable for priming both interior and exterior surfaces before applying linseed oil paint. Due to the small molecule, linseed oil penetrates particularly deep into the surface of the wood and fills the pores of the wood well, and in this way provides a very good adhesive surface for the subsequent layers of oil paint.