The protective layer of the floor remains diffuse, does not crack and remains easy to maintain and water-repellent.

The floor oil penetrates well into the pores of the wood, thus forming a uniform, firm surface. The natural properties include the ability of wood to absorb and release moisture from the air, which positively affects the room climate and the preservation of materials. Also essential is the warmth felt when in contact with the wood. In the case of oil, the protective layer of the floor is diffused, it does not crack, and, if necessary, it can be renewed locally in worn places

It is suitable for all wood, cork, and natural stone surfaces, especially floors and other surfaces requiring high strength, e.g., worktops. The surface remains well-maintained and water-repellent. The floors should be oiled in two layers. 20-30 minutes after oiling the first and second layers, the excess oil must be wiped off. Floor oil can be tinted with natural pigments.

Floor oil is suitable for finishing previously untreated wooden, cork, or natural stone floors. It can also be used on furniture that requires greater strength (e.g., desks and kitchen surfaces). However, the oil can only be used indoors.

We sell the material according to square meters and consider the base surface's absorbency specifics. The average consumption of applying in two layers is 120 ml. The price of the base material is €5.10/m2, plus the price of the pigment according to the shade.