Wall and ceiling paint applied to the wall with a brush, the result is matte, slightly structured and cloudy, quartz sand gives the color a sparkle.

Clay paint is a brush-applied wall and ceiling paint that contains ground clay, kaolin, starch and fine-grained quartz sand. The result is matte, slightly structured and cloudy; quartz sand gives the colour a sparkle. Clay paint has three white base tones: marble white (cold white), Venetian white (warm white) and cream white. In addition, the base tones are ocher yellow and -red. We tint all clay colours with Kreidezeit powder pigments and make personal colour samples. Samples can be viewed in the salon.

It is possible to install clay paint on all mineral plasters, pre-plastered or primed gypsum and fermacell boards and
all natural paints.

We sell the material according to square meters and take into account the specifics of the base surface's absorbency. The average cost when painted in two layers is 300g/m2. The price of the base material is €6.62/m2, plus the price of the pigment according to the shade.

Savivärv, Britta Kodres Interiors