Clay paint

Clay paint is a brush-applied paint for walls and ceilings that contains ground clay, kaolin, starch and fine neutral quartz sand. The result is matte, slightly textured and cloudy, the quartz sand gives the paint small sparkles. Clay paint has three white base tones: marble white (cold white), Venetian white (warm white) and crème white. In addition, yellow and red. We tone all clay paints with Kreidezeit powder pigments, and we make your own personal colour samples. You can get samples from the showroom or by post to any location.

Clay paint can be applied on all mineral-based plasters, previously sanded or primed plaster and fermacell boards, and on all natural paints.

We sell the material according to the square meter, and we consider the characteristics of the substrate's absorption. The average consumption per two coats is 300 g/m2.

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