Stucco fine

Stucco fine is an easy-to-handle lime plaster made for treating smooth surfaces indoors. With two or three thin layers, a beautiful translucent result is achieved, which can be used to imitate marble. Successful installation of gloss technology requires a certain skill and manual dexterity from masters, so we recommend practising on a test surface before processing large surfaces. Suitable substrates are smooth surfaces made of lime, plasters and cement-based products, but the most beautiful result is achieved if the substrate is lime plaster. Since it is a lime-based product, it can also be used in wet areas. The dry mixture has a natural white colour. We tint stucco with Kreidezeit powder pigments and make personal colour samples. You can familiarize yourself with the colours in the showroom.

Suitable substrates are smooth lime, lime-cement, cement and gypsum plaster surfaces. The ideal substrate is lime plaster.

We sell the material according to your square meters and take into account the absorbency of the substrate. The average material consumption is 600 g/m2.

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