Casein paint is a matte wall and ceiling paint suitable for dry interiors.

Matt wall and ceiling paint is suitable for dry interiors. The result is matte and leaves the surface velvety. The paint contains plant-based casein so it's vegan. All ingredients are of natural origin and do not contain preservatives, so the paint must also be applied to the wall on the day of mixing. We sell the material as a natural white dry mixture according to the size of the surface to be painted. Casein colour is tinted with powder pigments and can be applied to the surface with a brush, roller or paint sprayer.

Suitable for plaster, stone and concrete surfaces, paper wallpapers and previously
for painting plastered and primed plasterboards. It does not impair the moisture regulation ability of the base plaster and, therefore, is particularly suitable for clay and lime plasters.

We sell the material according to square meters and take into account the specifics of the base surface's absorbency. The average cost when painted in two layers is 280g/m2.2Paint costs 5.14€/m2.2plus the price of the pigment according to the shade.