A beautiful and natural living space

HAIM combines modern design solutions focusing on human health and environmental well-being.

We value culture and history. We create new things, but we also consider our heritage. In today's artificial world, the home environment should be peaceful, healthy, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Natural materials have a significantly smaller footprint and less environmental impact than synthetic materials.

haim viimistlussalong


The last opportunity to purchase Safran clay plaster 0-1 mm for updating or finishing the walls. The bags are 25 kg, the regular price is 19.89€, discount price is 11.93€.

In store:
Red - 5 x 25 kg, covers 35 m2.
Mint - 6 x 25 kg, covers 40 m2.
Brown - 3 x 25 kg, covers 20 m2.

Contact us tallinn@haim.ee or call +372 555 66 989.