A beautiful and natural living space

HAIM - a combination of modern design solutions with a focus on human health and environmental well-being.

We value culture and history. We create new things, but we also have to keep our heritage in mind. We believe that in today's artificial world home environment should be peaceful, healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Compared to synthetic materials, natural ones have a significantly smaller footprint and less environmental impact.

High-quality decorative finish

Our team also consists of decorators with long-term experience who perform finishing works in Estonia and abroad.

Seminar for interior designers

On January 25, a seminar was held for interior designers and architects. We invited guests of various backgrounds, the presentation was accompanied by traditional snacks and quality wines. At this seminar, we focused on introducing HAIM's new product selection.

Natural materials

People spend most of their lives in closed environments, so it is very important to keep an eye on which materials we surround ourselves with. A separate consideration is the selection of finishing materials, which directly interfere with air.

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