Coniferous wood leach

Coniferous wood leach is a traditional outdoor surface treatment tool suitable for untreated softwood. The product accelerates the development of the silver colour of wood, which is a natural colour that occurs on wood due to the weather, which occurs when soft hydrophobic wood components (wood sugar, protein, starch, lignin) are washed out of the wood and strong wood remains. After painting, the surface of the wood becomes dark at first, the silver colour appears later. The product does not contain pigments and is odourless. It also protects the wood from fungal, moss and insect damage and brings out the natural pattern of the wood.

Only suitable for clean, untreated softwood surfaces such as larch, spruce and pine.

According to the absorbency of the surface, the consumption of the material is about 0.08-0.13 litres/m2 per layer.

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