marmor-lubipahtel vannitoas

Lime wall finish smooth

A mineral dry mixture with a wide range of uses and good adhesion indoors. Grain size up to 0.5 mm. This product is designed for making smooth or slightly structured surfaces.

Marmor-lubikrohv, Britta Kodres Interiors

Lime wall finish fine

A mineral dry mixture with good adhesion for making both smooth and structural surfaces indoors. The granularity is provided by marble sand, and the mixture is available in two different grain sizes (1.4mm and 0.9mm).



Traditional Moroccan plastering technique for finishing waterproof surfaces. The special glowing surface of Tadelakt looks charming and attractive. The technique, where it is compacted with a small stone, creates a slightly wavy and naturally shiny surface. The colour of the plaster remains transparent and full of shades.

Stucco fine

An easy-to-handle stucco is designed for treating smooth surfaces indoors. With two or three thin layers, you will achieve a beautiful translucent result that looks like marble.

Brush- and roll-on plaster

Plaster with casein binder, for creating fine structural surfaces. Both a brush and a roller can be used to apply the plaster to the surface.  Different surface structures can be formed depending on the consistency of the mixture and the method of application.