Consultation for an interior architect

People spend most of their lives in closed environments, so it is very important to keep an eye on which materials we surround ourselves with. A separate consideration is the selection of finishing materials, which directly interfere with air. Materials that come into contact with air are most likely to react with volatile particles that are harmful to health. With our finishing materials, you can safely create a cosy atmosphere at home and refreshing effect walls in offices.

We offer a consultation for interior architects, designers and interior designers, where we introduce the offered materials and talk about their suitability in the interior. In the salon, you can also find books and samples of more exclusive materials that our masters have come across before and are able to implement if desired.

During the consultation, you can see and touch many different samples, from which we can create a complete selection for you with different materials and shades if you wish. This way, you can visit objects with samples, and customers will get a better idea of the final result.

Feel free to contact us for a consultation!