eicoga värvitud korter
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Eico paints are very environmentally friendly and can be wet cleaned. They have an almost non-existent amount of free-flowing particles, which is why they are suitable for use by allergy sufferers and can even be used to finish hospitals, kindergartens, and schools. Eico colours are also suitable for wood.

Vega wall paint

Casein paint is a matte wall and ceiling paint suitable for dry interiors.

Savivärv, Britta Kodres Interiors

Clay paint

Brush-applied wall and ceiling paint consisting of ground clay, kaolin starch and quartz sand. The result remains cosy, cloudy, and slightly sparkling.

Marmor-lubivärv, Triinu Aruoja

Marble-lime paint

The selection includes a smooth, textured and high-textured marble-lime paint. Marble-lime paint can be used in rooms with high humidity, provided that the paint does not come into direct contact with water. The result remains cosy and pleasantly cloudy. Paint is applied to the wall with a brush.

Stand oil paint

Stand oil paint is a good-coverage, weatherproof, and resin-free oil paint for wooden interior and exterior surfaces. The paint does not crack or peel, and due to diffusion, moisture can move outside the wood, protecting it from rotting.

Wood lazure

Wood lazure is a weather-resistant and flexible paint for wooden surfaces but unsuitable for finishing floors. To protect the wood from the sun, the colour must be tinted; you can use all Kreidezeit fade-resistant colour soils and mineral pigments. The painted surface remains shiny and breathable, so moisture can always move out of the wood. The surface is easy to care for and process and, if necessary, repaint. The paint does not crack or peel off the surface; it is dirt and water-repellent and is economical.