For floors

Floor oil

The floor oil penetrates well into the pores of the wood, forming an even and strong surface. The natural properties include the ability of wood to absorb and release moisture from the air and thereby positively affect the room climate and the preservation of materials. Also important is the warmth felt when touching the wood. In the case of oil, the protective layer of the floor is diffused, it does not crack and, if necessary, it can be renewed locally in worn places.

Floor wax

Suitable for surfaces that require greater wear resistance, such as floors, doors, stair handrails and furniture. The waxed surface remains matte, diffuse, dirt-repellent and antistatic. Worn or damaged areas can be repaired exactly within the limits of the wear. On larger surfaces, it is recommended to use a polishing machine to apply and polish the wax.

Eico floor paint

The floor colour is semi-glossy, does not fade and retains its original tone, and the tone does not turn yellow over time. The paint has good adhesion and adheres to various substrates, including old layers of alkyd paint.