Plaster with casein binder for fine-structured surfaces in dry living spaces.

Brush and roll-on plaster, or structural casein paint, is a plaster with a casein binder for making finely structured surfaces. Suitable for use in dry rooms. A brush and a roller can be used to apply the plaster to the surface. Different surface structures can be formed depending on the mixture's consistency and the application method. Fills light unevenness on the base surface—an ideal base for wall sizes. The dry mix has a natural white colour. We tint brush and roller plaster with Kreidezeit powder pigments and make personal colour samples. You can familiarize yourself with the shades in the salon.

Suitable substrates are pretreated plasterboard, plaster, and concrete.

We sell the material according to square meters and take into account the specifics of the base surface's absorbency. The average cost when painted in two layers is 600g/m2.