Carnauba wax is the most durable wax found in nature.

Carnauba wax emulsion (concentrate) is a wax obtained from the leaves of a palm tree that grows in Brazil. A thin layer of wax creates a water-repellent coating on the leaves and protects the leaves from drying out in the hot sun. Due to extreme conditions, it is known to be the most durable wax. On the floor, wax is used to strengthen oiled surfaces, but it is also used in the preparation of glazes and for the maintenance of wooden floors.

In addition to oil, wax fills the surface of wood pores and forms a protective layer against dirt and water. At the same time, the floor treated with wax remains open to the movement of water vapour, i.e. breathable, which is essential for preserving the naturalness of the wooden floor. The wax is transparent with a hint of a beige undertone. According to the request, we add mineral powder pigments to the wax to achieve translucent results.

For the final finishing of oiled or waxed wooden and cork floors, stone tiles and furniture surfaces
a 1:2 dilution with water is recommended. Carnauba wax must be diluted 1:5 with water to achieve a beautiful result when glazing mineral substrates.

We sell the concentrate in a 500ml bottle or according to the number of m2. The unit price of the base material is 0.5€ plus the price of the pigment according to the shade.