Wood is the foundation of Estonian national construction, which is increasingly being highlighted in our homes. Since wood doesn't like sunlight or moisture and is plagued by various pests in the form of insects and fungi, it is necessary to protect it. From us, you can find various natural wood processing tools to ensure that the wood is as strong as possible and lasts for many years.


Floor oil

Penetrates well into the pores of the wood, forming a uniform strong surface. Suitable for all wood, cork and natural stone surfaces, especially floors and other surfaces requiring high strength. The surface remains well-maintained and water-repellent.

Base oil

Does not contain resin and is suitable for linseed oil paints on both interior and exterior surfaces. Penetrates particularly deep into the surface of the wood and fills the pores of the wood well. Provides a surface with good adhesion for subsequent layers of oil paint. Primer oil is suitable for all untreated wood surfaces, cork, natural stones and neutral plasters.


Floor wax

Suitable for finishing wood, cork and unglazed tile surfaces finished with floor oil. Suitable for surfaces requiring greater wear resistance. The waxed surface remains diffused, dirt-repellant and antistatic with a matte shine.

Wood lazure

Wood lazure is a weather-resistant and flexible paint for wooden surfaces but unsuitable for finishing floors. To protect the wood from the sun, the colour must be tinted; you can use all Kreidezeit fade-resistant colour soils and mineral pigments. The painted surface remains shiny and breathable, so moisture can always move out of the wood. The surface is easy to care for and process and, if necessary, repaint. The paint does not crack or peel off the surface; it is dirt and water-repellent and is economical.

Carnauba wax

In addition to oil, wax fills the surface of wood pores and forms a protective layer against dirt and water. At the same time, the floor treated with wax remains open to the movement of water vapour, i.e. breathable, which is essential for preserving the naturalness of the wooden floor.

Multi-purpose wax

A mixture of linseed oil and beeswax is used to finish the interior of untreated or primed wooden surfaces with natural oils.


Stand oil paint

Stand oil paint is a good-coverage, weatherproof, and resin-free oil paint for wooden interior and exterior surfaces. The paint does not crack or peel, and due to diffusion, moisture can move outside the wood, protecting it from rotting.


Eico paints are very environmentally friendly and can be wet cleaned. They have an almost non-existent amount of free-flowing particles, which is why they are suitable for use by allergy sufferers and can even be used to finish hospitals, kindergartens, and schools. Eico colours are also suitable for wood.


Linseed oil putty

Classic window putty for glazing wooden windows. Easy to work with, without synthetic resins and solvents, preservatives or fungicides. After the surface has dried, the linseed oil putty must be painted over with an elastic natural oil-based paint to protect it from the effects of the weather.