Special products

marmor-lubikrohv toonitud läikseebiga

Polishing soap

It is used both for the final finishing of tadelakt and stucco surfaces, as well as for smooth surfaces of lime plaster. Polishing soap gives lime-based plasters a dirt-repellent and splash-proof protective layer.

Marseille soap

Soap is used for washing hands and work tools and for soaping surfaces freshly plastered with lime.

Casein primer

Casein primer is a casein-based colourless primer for clay, lime, lime-cement and gypsum plasters and plasterboards before painting and plastering. Reduces the absorbency of highly absorbent surfaces and evens out substrates with different absorbencies. Fixes slightly sandy substrates.

Casein wall glaze

Casein wall glaze is a transparent casein binder used for cloudy surfaces, sponge techniques and stencil patterns in dry areas. The glaze can be applied by brushing, dabbing or rolling using various brushes, sponges and cloths.

Linseed oil putty

The package contains a ready-to-use mass that is easy to work with, without synthetic resins and solvents and does not contain preservatives or fungicides. Contains chalk and linseed oil paint and has a beige tone.

Linseed oil varnish

Provides primary surface protection for wooden surfaces in indoor conditions, for processing natural stone and cork.

Coniferous wood leach

Traditional outdoor surface treatment tool is suitable for untreated softwood. The product accelerates the development of the silver colour of wood, which is a natural colour that occurs on wood due to the weather, which occurs when soft hydrophobic wood components (wood sugar, protein, starch, lignin) are washed out of the wood and strong wood remains.

Potassium water glass

Potassium water glass is a component of silicate paints, it is used to fix lime, lime-cement and clay plasters and to finish and protect the concrete surface.

Shellac sealing primer

To prevent penetrating water, rust, soot or nicotine stains on all absorbent wall and ceiling surfaces such as plaster, wallpaper and wood.

Pigments and glitters

We offer a wide range of mineral pigments, metal oxides and safe synthetic pigments, which we add to our products.