The glossy wax coating based on beeswax is intended for tadelakt and stucco surfaces.

Punic wax is a beeswax-based glossy wax coating for tadelakt and stucco surfaces. Beeswax is melted, cleaned, and finally bleached in special activated carbon and chalk soil. It is then made water-soluble and easy to work with. Punic wax is a ready-to-use paste that is odourless and does not release harmful substances into the air. The surface remains antistatic and breathable and does not collect dirt.

Punic wax is used after polishing to give gloss to tadelakt and stucco surfaces.

We sell the material according to square meters and consider the specifics of the base surface's absorbency. The average consumption is 30g/m2, and the price of the base material is €1.70/m2.

puunia vaha