Stand oil paint

Stand oil paint has good coverage, weatherproof and resin-free oil paint for wooden interior and exterior surfaces. The paint does not crack or peel, and due to diffusion, moisture can move outside the wood and thus the wood is protected from rotting. Only weather- and UV-resistant mineral pigments have been used as tinting pigments. Special Kreidezeit primer oil is suitable for priming wood. The colours of the intermediate layer (higher pigment content) and final layer (higher oil content) can be applied separately and make the wood more durable in outdoor conditions. The oil-rich top layer gives elasticity to the paint, while the colour of the intermediate layer (higher pigment content) is permanent. This makes it easy to renew the paint: it is only necessary to paint a new layer of the topcoat colour on the cleaned surface.

Stand oil paint is applied to the surface layer by layer: 1. Boron salt - preventive protection against insect and moisture damage 2. Base Oil, primer with excellent penetration 3. Stand Oil Paint -half rich- a silky-matt to satin-glossy coat with good filling effect. For intermediate and top coats 4. Stand Oil Paint -rich- a glossy finish for top coats.

The average consumption of the material in 1 layer is 0.06-0.08 l/m² according to the absorbency of the substrate.

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