Eico floor paint

Eico paint is produced in Iceland, where paint production takes place on 100% renewable energy. The floor colour is semi-glossy, does not fade and retains its original tone, and the tone does not turn yellow over time. The paint has good adhesion and adheres to various substrates, including old layers of alkyd paint. The floor paint has a low emission of free-volatile organic compounds (VOC ≤ 2.5%) into the air of the room, which is why the paint is suitable for allergy sufferers and can be used to finish hospitals, kindergartens and schools. A high quality waterborne paint made of 100% acrylics. It dries to a non-yellowing high satin finish and has excellent colour retention. It has low dirt pick-up, good weathering properties and washability. eicó Alterior Floor Paint adheres well including to aged alkyd paints – it is easy to use and has high opacity. It is an environmentally friendly product with very little odour and is APEO and solvent-free with a low rating (VOC ≤ 2.5%). EU Limit for this product (Cat A/i): 140g/ltr (2007)/ 140g/ltr (2010). This product contains a max 30g/ltr VOC measured at 250°C.

Area of use— Interior and exterior: wooden and concrete screed floors – we highly recommend priming with ican Grepp – V.

1 l of paint covers on average 8-10 m2/1 coat, 5 m2/2 coats.

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