eico paint is produced with 100% renewable energy, which is environmentally friendly and durable.

The paint is produced in Iceland, which produces 100% renewable energy. The floor paint is semi-glossy (gloss level 40), does not fade, retains its original shade and does not turn yellow over time. The paint has good adhesion and adheres to various substrates, including old layers of alkyd paint. The floor paint has a low emission of free-volatile organic compounds (VOC ≤ 2.5%) into the room's air, so the paint is suitable for allergy sufferers and can be used in hospitals, kindergartens and schools.

Floor paint can be used on wooden and concrete floors.

1L of paint covers an average of 8-10m2 in 1 layer, 5 m2 in 2 layers. The unit price of the base material is €68.32/1L. Colour tinting is included in the base price. We have a tinting machine in the salon, with which you can tint a colour based on any colour chart in addition to the official colour chart.

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