Among the materials offered in the Haim showroom, you can find finishing products for all rooms.

To achieve and maintain the desired result, in addition to choosing the right material, it is also necessary to prepare and maintain the substrate accordingly.

People spend most of their lives indoors, so it is very important to keep in mind what materials we let into our homes. Various organic compounds float in our air, which get there when synthetic substances react with oxygen and moisture and significantly damage the quality of the air we breathe. For a healthier life, it is reasonable to finish your home with natural materials.

Special attention is needed when choosing finishing materials that come into direct contact with air. Materials that come into contact with air are most likely to react with volatile particles that are harmful to health. Natural materials are very good moisture binders, moisture does not get on the wall or ceiling as condensation and mold do not start to grow, and surfaces collect less dust.

Today, natural materials have already been developed to the extent that they meet even the most demanding tastes. Natural finishing materials are in no way inferior to synthetic materials.

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eico värv, Merko arendus Tiiu 12, foto: Märt Lillesiim


Savivärv, Triinu Aruoja Interiors

Clay paint

Paint is applied with a brush to the surface, suitable for dry rooms, which remain slightly structured and cloudy.

Marmor-lubipahtel, teostus Eksklusiivviimistlus OÜ

Lime wall finish smooth

Suitable not only for dry rooms but also for humid conditions and with which you can create very different surface structures.

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Eico värv, Merko arendus Tiiu 12, foto: Märt Lillesiim


Matt results, a washable, environmentally friendly paint that can be used for painting furniture as well as walls and ceilings.