Marble lime paint

The marble lime paint produced by Kreidzeit is a lime paint that contains marble powder. The paint coats well with 2 coats, surface gets strong, matt and naturally white. We offer smooth and textured marble-lime paint. Textured surface is achieved due to small pieces of marble. Different mineral pigments are used to tone the colour, with which you can create bold and special solutions. Marble-lime paint can be used in wet areas in case the paint is not used in direct contact with water. The result is cosy and pleasantly cloudy. Marble lime paint is possible on the wall with a brush or spray.

Suitable substrates are all untreated mineral plasters indoors (lime, lime-cement, clay plaster), stone and masonry surfaces, pre-plastered and/or primed plasterboard. The paint is best suited to fresh lime plasters. When painting clay and gypsum plaster or plasterboard, it is necessary to prime the surface with casein primer. Also suitable for painting concrete.

We sell the material according to the square meter, and we consider the characteristics of the substrate's absorption. The average consumption per two coats is 400ml/m2.

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