Casein primer reduces the absorbency of surfaces and evens out surfaces with different absorbencies.

Casein-based colourless primer for clay, lime, lime-cement, gypsum plasters, and plasterboards before painting and plastering. Reduces the absorbency of highly absorbent surfaces and evens out substrates with different absorbencies. Fixes slightly sandy substrates. It is suitable for making a transparent fixing layer on plasters but makes the tone of the plaster a little darker. It is very absorbent, easy to process, economical and leaves a breathable surface that does not change the useful properties of the plaster. The powder is mixed with water to prepare the primer, after which the material must be used within 3-4 days. The material is easy to apply to the surface and costs low.
Casein primer can also be used to fix plastered surfaces.

Untreated lime, plaster, cement, clay plasters, plastered plasterboard, and concrete are suitable substrates. They are not suitable for glossy, non-absorbent, and permanently moist surfaces.

We sell the material according to square meters and consider the specifics of the base surface's absorbency. The average consumption is 5g/m2, and the price of the base material is €0.55/m2.