Potassium water glass

Potassium water glass is essentially glass dissolved in water. The concentrate must be diluted 1:2 with water, i.e. 1 part water glass and 2 parts water (in the case of a higher dilution, the surface will be less shiny). Apply with a large soft brush in an even thin layer. If desired, to obtain a stronger result, a second layer can be applied after the previous layer has dried. After 2-3 hours the surface is dry to the touch, after 12 hours you can apply another layer.

Potassium water glass is a component of silicate paints, it is used to fix lime, lime-cement and clay plasters and to finish and protect the concrete surface.

The average consumption of the material is about 0.05-0.07 l/m2, 1 l of water glass solution covers about 20 m2 in one layer.

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