Multi-purpose wax

A mixture of linseed oil and beeswax is used to finish the interior of untreated or primed wooden surfaces with natural oils.

puunia vaha

Puunia vaha

Puunia vaha on mesilasvaha baasil läikiv vahakate, mis on mõeldud tadelakti ja stucco peenpahtli pindadele. Puunia vaha on kasutusvalmis pasta, mis on lõhnatu ega eralda õhku kahjulikke aineid. Pind jääb antistaatiline, hingav ja ei kogu mustust.

Carnauba wax

In addition to oil, wax fills the surface of wood pores and forms a protective layer against dirt and water. At the same time, the floor treated with wax remains open to the movement of water vapour, i.e. breathable, which is essential for preserving the naturalness of the wooden floor.

Base oil

Does not contain resin and is suitable for linseed oil paints on both interior and exterior surfaces. Penetrates particularly deep into the surface of the wood and fills the pores of the wood well. Provides a surface with good adhesion for subsequent layers of oil paint. Primer oil is suitable for all untreated wood surfaces, cork, natural stones and neutral plasters.